Meet the coaches

No matter if you are just starting your martial arts journey , want to learn self-defense or yet compete in Grappling or Mixed-Martial Arts.

We teach modern Jiu-Jitsu.

For everyone and every purpose.

Coach Emre 

BJJ Brown Belt

GMC Grappling Team Champion (2022)

More than 10 years of grappling experience

Expertise in teaching BJJ

Competing in national tournaments

Coach Mustafa 

BJJ Black Belt

ADCC German Nationals Champion (2023)

GMC Grappling Team Champion (2022)

1. Place Grappling Industries Amsterdam (2022)

1.Place Grappling Industries Vienna (2022)

ADCC Balkan Nationals Champion (2022)

ADCC German Nationals Champion (2022)

NAGA Germany Champion (2022)
German Champion (2018)

Coach Ismail 

BJJ Black Belt

GMC Grappling Team Champion (2022)

AJP European NoGi Champion (2021) 

AJP Swiss Champion (2020) 
COPA BJJ Champion (2019)

IBJJF Swiss Champion (2019)

IBJJF German Champion (2019)

IBJJF German Champion (2018)
NAGA Germany Champion (2014)